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When managing your business using a printing company to design your stationary, sign writers to design your displays and an IT guy to build your website, chances are your brand is in a bit of disarray. When this happens it can have a negative impact on your business. Imagine meeting someone one day and when you bump into them the next day they speak with a different accent and look dramatically different. Alarm bells would start ringing.

The same goes for the brand of your business. If it is not unified your van could be sending out one message while your website is sending out another.  This is where Design Associates can help.  Gather up all your marketing material and arrange an appointment with us.  We will audit your brand and tell you where you could improve, at no cost or obligation to use design associates services. We will work with you to decide what it is you need.

We won’t give you the hard sell and if you decide you want us to work with you to improve your brand, we will work within your budget: helping you to decipher from the trendy “must-haves”; to the really must haves!

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