Buzzy Bee Courier Job

As a Buzzy Bee Courier, your main duties are to organise a varied and attractive programme for our younger guests, children aged 4 – 12, with emphasis on safety & fun.
You will have a high level of commitment to the children and will have had experience of working with groups of children and may have been (or are currently) studying for a qualification in Child Care.
You will responsible for the Buzzy Bee Area and equipment. It is to kept impeccably clean & tidy at all times. The Buzzy Bee notice board & weekly programme should always be updated, bright & colourful.
When not engaged with Buzzy Bee duties you will work as a Campsite Courier.
As a Campotel Representative on site, your primary concern is always Customer Care, ensuring our clients have an enjoyable, trouble free holiday, dealing cheerfully and effectively with any problems or emergencies and keeping in regular contact with them during the holiday.
You are also required to maintain and operate the Campotel Reception Area, which must be a well-presented, attractive focal point and to always wear your uniform when on duty.
Knowledge of French, though not essential for every position, is a distinct advantage (especially in helping you to respond to any emergencies, and in dealing with the Campsite management.
A Buzzy Bee Courier needs to:
  • Be very enthusiastic
  • Have basic common sense
  • Be able to work unsupervised & within a team
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Be flexible at all times
  • Preparing mobile home accommodation
  • Making beds
  • Welcoming guests
  • Imparting local knowledge, advising places of interest etc…
  • Daily paperwork
  • Small maintenance jobs
  • Changing gas
  • The organization and supervision of 12 ½ (20hrs on la Grande Metairie & Clarys Plage) hours of Kids Club activities on a weekly basis.
Please note this list is not exhaustive.

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