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Working abroad can be an exciting but sometimes daunting experience for candidates. KelAir Campotel is a family business & we look after our employees as if they were part of the family.

We hope we have compiled the majority of the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ section which you will see detailed on the left hand menu. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age come the 1st Jan 2016. Should you have any further niggly questions,please do not hesitate to contact

The interview will take place in Gullane’s Hotel, Main Street, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway on the Sat 13 February 2015. Please click here for directions.

If successful, you must attend our Initiation day which will take place in Ballinasloe on Friday 1st April from 10am to 6pm. Further on-site training will be facilitated in France.

What Is A Courier?

A Campsite Courier is similar to a holiday representative. Your duties are to prepare guest accommodation, welcome guests upon arrival & to be on hand through their stay to deal with any eventual problems. During the season, as your families arrive on site you will have prepared and cleaned their Holiday Home, decking & garden furniture, and will personally greet them, help them to settle in, give advice and information and explain the full range of Campotel Services and the Campsite Facilities.

As the Campotel representatives on site, your primary concern is always customer care. You should deal effectively with any problems or emergencies, make regular contact with our clients, and check gas supplies etc, during the holiday, ensuring our clients have an enjoyable, trouble free holiday

Finally you will “check out “and bid farewell to our departing guests. You are also required to maintain & operate the Campotel Reception Area, which must be a well-presented attractive focal point.  You will be supplied with the appropriate casual uniform tops etc.

Do I have to wear uniform?

Yes, which we will provide. The uniform is only to be worn at specified times e.g. reception hours, as customers need to identify you. We expect couriers to look presentable at all times, and this means that untidy hair, scruffy footwear, bare feet, the unshaven look and visible tattoos are unacceptable.

How will I travel to France?

Campotel will arrange travel from the homeport (airport or ferry port) to France. Normally, couriers travel in small groups, although sometimes it may be necessary to travel alone.

What sort of accommodation is provided for Couriers on site?

Couriers are provided with a fully equipped mobile home – not of the same age as the customer’s accommodation, but nevertheless perfectly adequate and comfortable. Accommodation is shared by your fellow colleagues (male & female). However, each person will have their own room. Meals are not provided. A deduction of €50 per week will be taken as your provision for accommodation. €20 per week will be returned to you as form of a bonus on full & satisfactory completion of your contract.

How will I travel home at the end of the season?

Providing that you stay until the end of your contract, and all work is completed to Campotel’s satisfaction, we will arrange travel from the campsite to the homeport. Any courier not wishing to travel home under the conditions arranged by Campotel will have to arrange their own homeward travel.

Can I choose where I work?

We know the campsites inside out, so we will allocate you to a site that we think will be best suited to you and where customers will benefit most from your skills. 

When will I know which site I will be working on?

So far as the company is concerned, unless otherwise stated, you will be working in France, but the site and even the area may be changed before Montage is completed. However, the majority of positions available are in Brittany, the Vendee & the South West of France.

How well do I need to speak French?

A reasonable knowledge of spoken French is an advantage and we will test your language during the interview. However, we do have a number of vacancies for couriers who do not speak the language, as there are other qualities and attributes you may have to offer.

How long will the job last?

Normally, the work is from April until mid-September, depending on both the site closure date and the weather as to how much time is needed for a successful Demontage. There are some positions available for people who cannot travel until mid/ late May; however it is imperative that all employees stay until mid-September.

How much will I be paid, and what form will it take?

Our pay week is Sat-Fri inclusive. Your salary is paid electronically into your account in Ireland and is available at ATMs each Friday. The first weekly payment will be on your second Fri in France, Spain & Italy, 1 week in arrears. Payslips will be sent to you every 4 weeks directly from Ireland or via your area manager. Your wage is based on a 35 hour working week with a 1& ½ days off per week. Payment varies according to seniority and period of employment, and is yet to be finalised for this season. New Campsite Courier & Buzzy Bee Couriers for 2013 received €330 per week gross (minus tax and PRSI deductions). A deduction of €50 per week will be taken as your provision for accommodation.  €20 per week will be returned to you as form of a bonus on full & satisfactory completion of your contract.

Can people come to stay with me while I am in France?

Friends or family are not permitted to stay with you in your own accommodation on site. If either intend visiting, you must first check with your Managers, and at their discretion – if guests are allowed to visit – they must book their own accommodation.

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