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Being a Campotel Courier can be fun with a sociable lifestyle but it does involve a high level of flexibility, common sense and organisational skills.
You travel in comfort by ferry to France and drive in your own car to a designated Campsite where, on arrival, you will start ‘montage’ of your Mobile Homes.
This involves setting up your Guest Accommodation for the start of the season, which includes the initial thorough cleaning and preparation of the Holiday Homes after winter storage, together with your KelAir Reception area.
At the Season’s end in September there is ‘demontage’, which is the preparation of mobile-homes and equipment for winter storage, after the final guests have departed.
During the season, you will prepare and thoroughly clean the mobile-homes, decking and garden furniture, and put fresh linen into the accommodation. KelAir Campotel has extremely high standards of cleanliness and every mobile-home should make the family feel that they are the first guests to stay in it. You will personally greet arriving customers, help them to settle in, give advice and information and explain the full range of KelAir Campotel Services and the Campsite Facilities.
As the KelAir Campotel representatives on site, your primary concern is always customer care. You should deal efficiently and effectively with any problems or emergencies, make regular contact with our clients during their stay, check gas supplies etc, ensuring our guests have an enjoyable, trouble free holiday.
Finally you will ‘check out’ and bid farewell to our departing guests. You are also required to maintain and operate the KelAir Campotel Reception Area, which must be a well-presented, attractive focal point. You will be supplied with the appropriate uniform.
Your Area Manager will always be on hand to guide and help you in any way and to assist with the standard paperwork and documentation, which must be completed on a regular basis.
A Courier needs to ;
  • Be Motivated
  • Have basic common sense
  • Be able to work unsupervised & in a team
  • Enjoy working with the public
  • Be flexible at all times
So if you are free from May to September, active, fit, and enjoy an outdoor life, then you will enjoy the challenge and variety of experiences that comes from working as a Mature Courier

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