If you are running or managing a small business that has been struggling along using printers to to this, sign writers to do that and the IT guy to build your website chances are your brand is probably in a bit of disaray. When this happens it can have a serious impact on your business. Imaging meeting someone one day and you bump into them the next day but they speak with a different accent and look dramatically different. Alarm bells would start ringing.

The same goes for the brand of your business. If it is not unified your van could be sending out one message while your website sending out another.  What you will need to do is to reallign your brand and make sure it is sending out the right signals everywhere.

This is where we can help. If you gather up all your marketing material and arrange an appointment we will gladly audit your brand and tell you where you could improve at no cost or no obligation to use design associates to do any work. Some of the solutions could be simple tweaks to various areas of your marketing material.