Usually with advertising especially with press advertising you are buying real estate on a page within a newspaper. The bigger the space the more it will cost you.

It is very tempting to fill that space with as much information as possible but that is a mistake. For advertising to be successful it needs to stand out and convey the message that you need the advert to say.

One way to get you noticed is to create your advert as an irregular shape. I.E. you will but an advertising space that is 73mm X 210mm quite a small advert in the newspaper. Use part of that space as white space allowing your advert to stand out as it will be more noticed by the white space. This is because a newspaper a is a very busy place with a lot going on in its pages so whitespace is something different.

As you can see the use of white space in a busy newspaper to communicate your message as long as your message is short, clear and to the point.

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